Lymphatic Breast Massage Video (can be done with clothes on or off)

THIS VIDEO IS AN EXAMPLE OF A LYMPHATIC BREAST MASSAGE~Featured therapist giving instruction is Daya Fisch, by permission.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where have I been?/Make friends with your breasts!

Hi everyone, I've been away, well not really. The lazy bug bit me and as you see I haven't posted since January.  But fear not, I'm in the laboratory concocting my Herbal Breast Massage Oil and working on a new label. I also have a few other things in the works. I've gotten a new resolve to continue on with this blog as well as my work  with Holistic Breast Health and Other Self Care Techniques. My heart has been burdened with all of the challenges that women face when it comes to their breast health and just health in general.

So here's a video from Dr. Tenpenny. She's a foremost authority on holistic health, and has extensive information on vaccine awareness. Get a pen and paper. She gives us a short list of supplements that target breast health.

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  1. Very interesting, Sherri. Thank you for sharing this!