Lymphatic Breast Massage Video (can be done with clothes on or off)

THIS VIDEO IS AN EXAMPLE OF A LYMPHATIC BREAST MASSAGE~Featured therapist giving instruction is Daya Fisch, by permission.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The battle is over

My beautiful Aunt Miriam Richardson lost her fight with breast cancer this past week. Since her diagnosis, her spirit was always full of light and love. Whenever I spoke with her, she was upbeat and positive (even when she probably didn't feel too good). In her voice was the unspoken message, to not feel sorry for her. She took her chemo, she traveled, she enjoyed her family and she was a blessing to every life she touched. There was a time that we thought the cancer was in remission and we could breathe a sigh of relief. As time continued the cancer metastasized and though the news wasn't good, her faith kept her strong and she faced her fight with strength and dignity. She was an example of living life to the fullest and caring for others.

The gathering of her family and friends from far and wide will be a testimony to the life of a wonderful spirit in the person of my Aunt Miriam.

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