Lymphatic Breast Massage Video (can be done with clothes on or off)

THIS VIDEO IS AN EXAMPLE OF A LYMPHATIC BREAST MASSAGE~Featured therapist giving instruction is Daya Fisch, by permission.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What is Holistic? (and disclaimer)

A holistic approach is one that incorporates the mind, body and spirit of an individual. Many times it’s the food we eat, the stresses we have and/or the way that we think as to the reason we have dis-eases in the body. Sometimes, it’s neither one of those things. As we take responsibility for our wellness, we will want to educate ourselves about our bodies/ourselves and decide what step we need to take for our health. That may mean different things to different people. There are a lot of experts and so-called experts out there and the information may seem conflicting. When it’s all said and done, it’s our journey and our responsibility. Any information that I provide is just that, information. I may believe wholeheartedly in something, and I may  incorporate that “thing” in my lifestyle. My disclaimer is to check it out for yourselves and do the research. I’m not a doctor, but just a regular information seeking girl who doesn’t want to give  ALL of her power over the medical establishment.

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